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Meeting 3/6/2015 Black Elephant Edition

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to have our own holiday event, 2600 style. Join us for a black elephant event of random gift exchange. Those participating should bring a random, useless gift that will be forced upon attendees. Particpation is not recommended.

  • AntiTree: Months in review
  • AntiTree: NSA and VPNs
  • Jynik: YateBTS
  • AntiSeth: The Sony Hacks Timeline
  • CowboiJoe: Social Engineering a Car
  • All: Black Elephant Exchange

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Meeting 2/6/2015 Random Edition

Join us this month for a completely random edition of 2600. There are no planned presentations this month and people are free to hang out, chat, and share what you’re working on. Or not.

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Meeting 1/2/2015 Santa Claus Is Still Drunk Edition

Bring in the new years with 2600 as we will meet up to discuss why we are all still wearing Santa outfits. Nothing says “screw it” more than refusing to take off your rum covered Saint Nick costume.

  • Jason: Monthly summary of infosec events
  • TBA

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