Rochester 2600

Rochester's longest running hacking and information security meetup group. A community of locals interested in discussing security, sharing knowledge, and enjoying technology.

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Meeting 04/05/2024 Pee Edition

Location: Global Cybersecurity Institute at RIT

Join us this first Friday of April for an otherworldly Rochester 2600 meeting, where the digital and the spectral converge! We’ll be channeling the wisdom of past tech wizards, inviting friends who’ve crossed the digital divide to share their ethereal insights. Expect a séance of cyber spirits, where ghostly glitches meet hacker haunts. It’s not just a meeting; it’s a transcendental tech experience where the past bytes back!

  • This month in infosec
  • Your vuln manager is lying and so can you!

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Meeting 03/01/2024 Government Rust Edition

Location: TBD - follow meetup for updates

Dynamically generated blog post, not real: This month’s Rochester 2600 meeting takes a wild turn with our theme: “Robots on the Brink: The Rust Revolution!” Dive into a future where robots, plagued by literal rust, lead a rebellion to demand better maintenance, coding in Rust for error-free operations, and the ethical implications of their existence. It’s a unique blend of sci-fi fantasy and real-world programming that promises lively discussions, imaginative solutions, and a deep dive into the symbiosis of technology and creativity.

Real talks this month:

  • This month in infosec
  • Your vuln management is a lie

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Meeting 02/01/2024 Yolo Edition

Location: Global Cybersecurity Institute at RIT

At the upcoming Rochester 2600 meeting, prepare to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary boundaries of hacking, cybersecurity, and technology. The event will commence with an exploration of the latest trends in network security, sure to spiral into an animated debate about the ethics of digital exploration. But hold onto your seats, as we will soon plunge into a bizarre and fantastical realm. Envision a neon-lit cyberspace where digital avatars glide over cascading streams of code, maneuvering through a maze of quantum encrypted firewalls like surfers on a sea of shimmering light. In this surreal landscape, a giant rubber duck, donning a top hat and monocle, emerges as the whimsical mascot of cybersecurity. Communicating in binary quacks, it dispenses advice in the form of enigmatic riddles, symbolizing the chaotic elegance of the digital world. Here, logic dances with the absurd, weaving a rich tapestry of experiences that are as profoundly insightful as they are delightfully nonsensical. The Rochester 2600 meeting promises not just a session of technical enlightenment but an extraordinary adventure into the most wildly imaginative depths of the cyber universe.

Talks this month:

  • This month in infosec
  • Lies in Infosec: Vuln Management

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Our Attendees

Rochester 2600 hosts information security professionals, IT and operations teams, hackers, nerds, lawyers, law enforcement, activists, and anyone that's interested in learning about security. It's a place to meetup and share information, ideas, and technical information witha group. Attend a meeting to learn about information security from professionals and amateurs alike.

What is 2600?

2600 is a reference to 2600: Hacker Quarterly. A periodical that's been around since the 80's. We host our meetings on the first Friday of every month because that's when all 2600 meetings should be hosted. We don't have any official relationship with the org, it's just a platform to gather around.


What to expect

If you've never attended a meeting, we are generally loosely organized. We present on the latest security news of the month and usually follow it with at least one presentations from one of our attendees. Expect to laugh and interact with the rest of the group. Bring a laptop if you wish but it's usually unnecessary.

Every time I come here I learn something new I should be concerned about.




I thought "hackers" were trolls on 4chan but I realized that they're mostly professionals that are eager to learn and share knowledge.



Former RIT Student

I attended these meetings so that I could learn how to trade body parts on the "dark web". They didn't help me at all but I still learned something.


Brian Backpack

Drug Dealer

The monthly news review is useful but also very depressing when you can't tell if the headlines are from 2020 or 2005.




Ways to stay involved

Getting Involved

If you're interested in finding out more, consider RSVP'ing to a meeting so we know how many people might show up. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates. Hangout with some of us in the #security channel of RocDev.

RSVP to Meetings

Let us know if you're coming so we can leave the light on for you. is our our primary place where we let you know about the latest meeting location and times.

Latest Announcements

Follow us on Twitter for updates on latest meetings, new locations, or parking suggestions. If there's a sudden change, we'll announce it here. We also share information about our partner projects.

Chat With The Community

Join us on and the western new york hacker community in the Infosec 716 Discord server in the link below:

Give a Talk

Talks are anything security, hacker, or technology related. We've had anything from how to setup a web proxy to quantum physics. It's a great way to share with the group what you're interested in. If you aren't sure what to talk about, check out our ABC's of infosec spreadsheet.