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Meeting 5/6/2016: Cryptoparty Edition

This will be Rochester 2600’s first (and maybe only) cryptoparty. A Cryptoparty is a hands on workshop that teaches anyone about important security and cryptography tools you can use to protect yourself. There will be a focus this time around on OpenPGP/GPG and the new operating systems QubesOS and SubgraphOS.

What you need to participate:

  • Laptop ideally with Linux installed on it
  • Copy of your OpenPGP fingerprint
  • Proof of identity

What you need to attend:

  • Nothing. You can just lurk or ask questions.

For more information and agenda, see the Cryptoparty page.

UPDATE 5/5 NOTE: Doors will open at 6pm. Please come on time


  • AntiTree: Next Generation Secure Operating Systems

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Meeting 4/1/2016: April Fools Edition

There will be a meeting on 4/1. It’s not an april fools joke but it is a joke, and it’s in April. This will be a hands on introduction to smart cards and OpenPGP along with our standard presentations.


  • AntiTree: This month in infosec
  • Pee & Antitree: SmartCards, Nitrokeys, and how to store them in your butt.
  • TheStroudCloud: Deep Dive into Docker

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Meeting 3/4/2016: Unknown Edition

There will be a meeting on 3/4. Of what, we do not know. Who will be there we do not know. Will there be a presentation? Unknown.


  • TBD
  • TBA
  • IDK

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Meeting 2/5/2016: Black Elephant Edition

Black Elephant is our monthly holiday party where attendees come in an exchange the most horrible gifts possible. Please note this is not for the faint of heart. We will also have our monthly presentations along-side the gift exchange. Exchange is optional but again, be warned.


  • G13: Sniffing your butt
  • AntiTree: Shamir’s Secrets
  • Algorythm: Nothing as always
  • CowBoiJoe: “I can’t tell you because I would have to kill you”
  • x56: Something To Disclose
  • All: Black Elephant Gift Sharing

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Meeting 1/1/2016: Cancelled

There will be no meeting this month an account of terrorism.. or because no one is going to be around. Join us next month for another action packed adventure.

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Meeting 12/4/2015: Season Affected eDition

Join us for a S.A.D. meeting where we will discuss all of our sadness. Seasonal Affected eDition will also discuss some security related topics like the previous month. If you are sad or have SAD or took some Sad, make sure you call someone besides us, we can’t help.

  • antitree: This month in security and dogs
  • /dev/urand: 5err challenge v2: bigger and sadder
  • a1g0ry7hm: Freenet makes us sad
  • g13: Something, maybe, depending, on how much Sad he took

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