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Meeting 5/1/2015 Worst Of Edition

This month will be a best-of/worst-of Rochester 2600. Presenters will bring out updates to some of our favorite talks. 2600 welcomes all our new friends from BSidesROC.

  • AntiTree: Months in review
  • AntiTree: Lisbeth vs Bond: Corporate Spying
  • JustBill: Ubiquity Wireless at Interlock
  • Cowboijoe: TBA
  • Algorythm: TBA
  • Andrew: TBA

Meeting 4/3/2015 BSidesROC 2015 Edition

Rochester 2600, the main organizer of Security B-SidesROC, we be having their last meeting before the event. Join us while we work on our projects, share random presentations, and discuss logistics of the event. All are welcome but this will not be a normal 2600 meeting

  • Algorythm: Postman
  • AntiTree: Months in review
  • AntiTree: Selenium and PhantomJS
  • All: BSidesROC planning

Meeting 3/6/2015 Black Elephant Edition

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to have our own holiday event, 2600 style. Join us for a black elephant event of random gift exchange. Those participating should bring a random, useless gift that will be forced upon attendees. Particpation is not recommended.

  • AntiTree: Months in review
  • AntiTree: NSA and VPNs
  • Jynik: YateBTS
  • AntiSeth: The Sony Hacks Timeline
  • CowboiJoe: Social Engineering a Car
  • All: Black Elephant Exchange