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Meeting 5/6/2016: Cryptoparty Edition

This will be Rochester 2600's first (and maybe only) cryptoparty. A Cryptoparty is a hands on workshop that teaches anyone about important security and cryptography tools you can use to protect yourself. There will be a focus this time around on OpenPGP/GPG and the new operating systems QubesOS and SubgraphOS.

What you need to participate:

  • Laptop ideally with Linux installed on it
  • Copy of your OpenPGP fingerprint
  • Proof of identity

What you need to attend:

  • Nothing. You can just lurk or ask questions.

For more information and agenda, see the Cryptoparty page.

UPDATE 5/5 NOTE: Doors will open at 6pm. Please come on time


  • AntiTree: Next Generation Secure Operating Systems

Meeting 4/1/2016: April Fools Edition

There will be a meeting on 4/1. It's not an april fools joke but it is a joke, and it's in April. This will be a hands on introduction to smart cards and OpenPGP along with our standard presentations.


  • AntiTree: This month in infosec
  • Pee & Antitree: SmartCards, Nitrokeys, and how to store them in your butt.
  • TheStroudCloud: Deep Dive into Docker

Meeting 3/4/2016: Unknown Edition

There will be a meeting on 3/4. Of what, we do not know. Who will be there we do not know. Will there be a presentation? Unknown.


  • TBD
  • TBA
  • IDK