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Meeting 8/7/2015 Jeep Stunt Edition

This month will be focuse on Jeep stunting. Everyone brings a Jeep that they bought, leased, or stolen and we will take turns driving it at 70 MPH until someone hacks us from Las Vegas. Other presentations include:

  • AntiTree: Months in review
  • AntiTree: Hacked Team Overview
  • Algorythm: List of things that you're missing at DEFCON

Meeting 7/3/2015 Lemonade Edition

Join us for Rochester 2600: Lemonade Edition. This meeting will pay tribute to all things lemonade related including revolve, eyeliner, and cause. This month's talks include:

  • AntiTree: Month in review
  • AntiTree: How To Hack: Those commands I shouldn't tell you about
  • AntiTree: Attacks via Python DNS server
  • AntiTree: Sans Bullshit Cyber Sans

Meeting 6/5/2015 Beard Swimming Edition

The month will entail testing out the new swim gear to cut down on the drag of your beard when you're swimming. We'll also talk about InfoSec stuff, probably.

  • AntiTree: Months in review
  • Alex: Look at my Arduino Cell Phone
  • AntiTree: USBKill
  • AntiTree: BitCoin MultiSig
  • AntiTree: BTCJam
  • AntiTree: Astoria tor client
  • AntiTree: OPSView at Interlock
  • AntiTree: SpiderFoot, another recon system
  • AntiTree: Introduction to NFMI
  • Vince: TBA