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Meeting 11/4/2016 Y U No Talks Edition

Attending a 2600 meeting this month means you will see a deep dive into monkeys and their relationships much as our presenters share their knoweldge about problems of balls and a depressed fourth grader . This will be done via presentations below:

  • AntiTree: This month in infosec
  • AntiTree: This month in legal threats

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Meeting 10/7/2016 Donald Trump Edition

The First Friday 2600 meeting will be a hilarious examination of the separation of church and state while we sip our drinks and look at which melts faster between two fluffy pillows and Andrew. Gah. Whatever. Talks below:

  • AntiTree: This month in infosec
  • Jason: DEVOPs for dummies or how I learned to stop worrying about infosec and just script things for developers
  • AntiTree: Tales Of Czech Support
  • AntiTree: Android 7.0/1 Security
  • JewNinja: First Keynote Presentation

[sarcastically generated by 2600gen bot]

Meeting 9/2/2016 Yawning Pidgeon Edition

For thos interested, the meeting this month is a hilarious examination of our feelings as we dive head first into a corpus of utterance tokens upon which conformity has been defined by the paired utterance test. Presentations this months include:

  • AntiTree: This month in infosec
  • AntiTree: ZCash: Shitcoin or Shitcoin?
  • Cowboi Joe: Look what I can do with Ethereum